Writing, Analyzing, Brainstorming, Coordinating, Training, Designing, and Learning.

The following methods and activities are outlined here:

  1. Surveys
  2. Focus Groups
  3. Heuristic Evaluations
  4. Participant Recruiting
  5. Usability Testing
  6. Information Architecture
  7. Web Analytics
  8. Wireframes/Mockups/Prototypes
  9. Personas
  10. Experience/Process Maps
  11. Writing and Editing

1. Surveys

I met with clients to learn their needs, goals, and questions.

I  wrote surveys to understand users attitudes about, opinions about, and reactions to sites, apps, videos, and other content.

I helped other team members build surveys and write clearer survey questions.

2. Focus Groups

I recruited and screened participants, wrote scripts, ran focus groups, analyzed data, and presented findings & recommendations to clients.

Focus Group in Atlanta, Georgia

3. Heuristic Evaluations

I analyzed websites in: Clarity & Consistency, Usability & Accessibility, Discoverability & Learnability, Satisfaction, and Errors.

Heuristic Evaluation Score Sheet

4. Participant Recruiting

I managed 5 participant panels (10,000+ members). Monitored panel growth and health.

I’ve recruited in English and Spanish and have coordinated recruiting in over 9 countries.

I’ve scheduled and coordinated usability testing for more than 30 days of usability tests.

5. Usability Testing

I recruited and screened participants, wrote scripts, ran usability tests, analyzed data, and presented findings & recommendations to clients.

Usability lab observation room

6. Information Architecture:

I developed a Prioritization Card Sort Study for the Scriptures section of LDS.org where Participants were asked to sort potential and existing content into levels of interest.

Optimal Workshop card sort tool

7. Web Analytics

I’ve used heat maps, next and prior URL reports, and many other web metric reports to understand users and their usage of site content.

9. Wireframes, Mockups, and Prototypes

I’ve used Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Affinity Designer to make wireframes and mockups and I’ve used InVision for prototyping and testing.

10. Personas

I’ve done research for, written, and done visual designs for personas. Rule #1 of user experience  is “You are not your user.” Personas (well-researched) are a great way to get to know your user.

11. Experience/Process Maps

I’ve done research for, written, and designed various types of experience/process maps. I look for things like Experience/Action, Attitudes/Thoughts, People/Groups, and Systems/Things.

12. Writing and Editing

I’m the grammar nut that corrects other grammar nuts. Usually because they’re too prescriptive.

I strive to find the perfect word with the right shape of meaning and nuance.

I am the de facto editor on our team for all written material.

I have a background in storytelling and narrative and use these skills to help designers, developers, and managers feel what the user feels.