Shmoop Master Design Systems

Full case study forthcoming, though I have made a brief summary of my contributions to each.

I was the primary UI designer for the various style guides for Shmoop’s digital properties.

Brand Style Guide

I collaborated with our lead Graphic Designer on the Brand Book, working with him on color selection, and where colors could not be used for accessibility reasons.

Figma Core Style Guide

Myself and the head of Product were the main contributors to this. Decisions were made in tandem, but I built the entirety of the component and variant sets, including that array of many buttons. This design system was also focused on a Bootstrap 4 implementation.

Style Guide for Shmoop 2023

I collaborated closely with our lead Graphic Designer on developing a new and improved style guide to be implemented in 2023. Here is the beginnings of the style guide as well as some screens in progress.

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