LDS Online Store


The LDS Online Store team didn’t understand how users (especially in other countries) used their site and obtained Church-related products in general. They needed visibility on the user’s experience worldwide.


Our team analyzed the UX of their sites and developed personas and journey maps. We brought to light many pain points and conflicts between the business’s mental model and the user’s reality.

Phase 1: Persona Development (UX Research/UX Design)

I analyzed findings from focus groups and true intent surveys (in many languages) to help develop personas. Learned that South American users had a harder time with the site, but were less likely to complain about their experience.

Phase 2: Journey Mapping (UX Research/UX Design)

Our team used the insights gained from the personas and focus groups to map out the journey a user takes to purchase written materials and ceremonial clothing. Recommended that it be made easier to ship an order to a different country and to get ceremonial clothing outside the US (users often ask a traveling friend to purchase in the US rather than try to buy online).

Phase 3: Heuristic Evaluation on New Designs (UX Research)

Compared the newer design against industry standards and proposed they improve the site-level and page-level information architecture (including navigation) and add more information to landing pages, reduce unnecessary white space, and clear up the visual hierarchy.

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