Church and Family History


The Church History and Family History Departments needed to better understand their users’ experience with their digital products and convention (RootsTech).


I helped bring the client an accurate picture of the user’s experience through usability testing, surveys, and in-person interviews.

Phase 1: Primo Catalog (Usability Testing/Heuristic Evaluation)

I performed a heuristic evaluation and usability testing on their online catalog of archived materials. Recommended increasing the discoverability and learnability of site functions to help gain new users and provide a better experience to current users.

Phase 2: Church History Advisor Training (Survey)

I surveyed Church History Area Advisors throughout the world to test the reception of training from headquarters. Recommended adding more online training materials, clarifying advisor responsibilities, and letting the advisors see the end-result of their history-collection efforts.

Phase 3: New Family History Consultant Guide (Usability Testing/Survey)

I tested mobile and desktop versions of training content for family history consultants. The content had several IA problems (confusing information scents, repeating and redundant content, etc.) and recommended that the titles be clarified and the redundant content be combined.

Phase 4: RootsTech (On-site Research/Online Survey)

I gathered user feedback (through online and in-person surveys) about RootsTech Conference. Recommended that classrooms be made larger and that better orientation information (maps, class info) be provided to improve the usability and user satisfaction.

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