AARP needed help improving the experience for their outdated online learning hub (with courses covering tech, caregiving, and job searching) and mapping all the complex connections between online events, in-person interactions, and other touchpoints with their customers.


I worked as information architect, user researcher, and ux architect/designer. I collaborated with graphic designers on the learning site and with strategists on the user research.


Gathering research from Data & Analytics as well as In-person interviews (from live learning events), I developed an online/in-person user flow that described all the various touchpoints between digital and physical interactions. I also designed interactive wireframes and mockups for topic-specific landing pages (these were designed to simply explain the class in general, rather than overload them with scheduling functionality before they’ve decided to take the course).

Through usability testing and collaborating with other key stakeholders, I also developed wireframes for the site itself, ones that focused on simple orientation content for the home page and sorting the event pages by type (in-person vs. online) instead of by topic. The research had shown that users wanted to see what classes were near them in any topic. Another designer, in charge of the site itself, used my wireframes to develop the final mockups.


Phase 1: Driver Safety Funnel

Phase 2: In-person Learning Audience Segmentation

Phase 3: Site & Marketing Flowmaps

Phase 4: Learn@50+ Landings Pages & Website

I helped design the landing pages and provided page-level information architecture for the website.

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