To expand my UX design skills, I redesigned Salt Lake County Library website. The discoverability, learnability, and error-level of the site all needed to be improved. Many of the processes were redundant or confusing.


I took on the role of Information Architect, UX Researcher, UX designer, and UI designer. I got feedback from other designers and tested my solutions with users.

Phase 1: Developing and Designing Personas (UX Research/UX Design)

I looked at existing user research then wrote/designed 3 key personas which represent the primary users of digital library content. Few users know about the free digital content that a library offers, and fewer still know how to access it with ease.

Phase 3: Understanding the business (Market Research/UX Research/IA Research)

I looked at industry information and did a competitive analysis, heuristic evaluation, IA audit, and user flow audit. Many of the user’s primary purposes for visiting the site (such as checking on holds and due dates) are buried under confusing labels and tricky processes.

Phase 4: IA and Process Map design (IA Design/UX Design)

Developed new site structure and user flows based on industry standards and research. The most important change in process is that the new site should remember login information and allow the user to have a username and password (rather than a id# and PIN).

User Flow


Phase 5: Home page and search UI/UX Design (UX Design/UX Research)

I whiteboarded, wireframed, mocked up, prototyped, and tested designs of the site (esp. the home page). Users indicated that showing holds, renewals, on the home screen was very helpful (especially if sign in info is remembered).

Mobile Search Prototype