The Polynesian Cultural Center board was considering a new style of advertisement. Since they could not afford to lose the number of annual registrants, the research needed to prove that the ad would maintain if not increase conversions.


I worked under the head of marketing and our big data expert in developing the survey. I spearheaded the building of complex survey flows to reduce bias and increase data confidence.

Phase 1: Survey Development

I designed the survey to test for ad memorability, engagement, and investment. I tested specific zones of the ad in order to provide specific, element by element feedback.

Survey Flow

Phase 2: Survey Administration

I worked with Qualtrics’ panel team to get 600 participants who had gone to Hawaii in the past year or would be going in the next year.

Ad & Survey Questions

Phase 3: Data Analysis

I looked at the results ad by ad. I analyzed heat maps and section click data to learn which specific sections were liked or disliked and why. I learned that:

  1. The new ad was more memorable, more engaging, and more likely to increase interest in going to the PCC than the old ad.
  2. Participants liked the pictures on the new ad better.
  3. Participants liked showing authentic Polynesians more than Caucasians.
Heat Map Data


The new ad had a 13% increase in conversion (5% higher than estimated.)