Every year, two physicians organize a “mixer” or social event for adults with Type 1 Diabetes. Our team needing to figure out how to help users know about, understand, and gain interest in the event.


Due to my experience in research and design, I lead a group of students in the UX design process (including market research, design, and testing).

Phase 1: Persona Development

We interviewed potential users and discovered approximately 4 personas for their site and their event:

  1. The Mentor (Has had Type 1 for a while, is adjusted to it, and is willing to learn more.)
  2. The New Diagnosed (Isn’t well adjusted to Type 1, doesn’t know others with it, feels alone.)
  3. The Support Person (Usually a parent or spouse of the person with Type 1, looking for people who understand their struggles.)
  4. The Vendor/Sponsor (Someone willing to help sponsor the event, sometimes to promote a new product.)
Mentor Persona

We learned that since many adults with Type 1 Diabetes are busy, the event’s value (fun and free) should to be shown clearly in order to increase attendance.

Phase 2: Competitive Analysis

Reviewed several other websites and learned that we should:

  1. Make the user’s primary goal (to understand the event) immediately visible
  2. Keep navigation simple
  3. Make pages scannable and skimmable

Phase 3: Homepage and Event Page (UX/UI Design)

We reviewed our findings from the Competitive Analysis and designed the landing page and the event page.

We brainstormed several iterations via whiteboard:


We created wireframes and mockups in Sketch and Illustrator then tested prototypes in InVision:

Prototype 2.0

Prototype 4.0 Desktop

Prototype 4.0 Mobile


And we finalized the designs after usability testing:

Event Page.png
Final Event Page Design


Phase 4: Usability Testing

We tested lo-fi and hi-fi prototypes with real users and made adjustments to the designs based on design successes and failures. Made adjustments to the layout, photos, and information architecture of the designs.

Phase 5: Creative Brief

We combined all data, reports, deliverables, and CSS into the creative brief and delivered it to the client for them to build their site.